Benefits of using the Eclipse hydrating cleanser
May 23, 2018
Benefits of Eclipse Silk Foundation Primer
May 26, 2018

Eclipse Silk Foundation Primer is a highly effective non greasy formula that provides your skin with silky coverage that fills in fine lines, pores and other skin blemishes giving you an attractive and unblemished face appearance. This best facial primer is formulated with the feature of a silky soft fluid that leaves you with a skin looking smooth, well nurtured and void of any noticeable blemish.

In a society where first impression matters a lot, you want to have that radiant skin that exudes beauty and confidence. Applying the Eclipse silk foundation primer to your face will help to hide every facial flaw giving you a fresh and adorable look all day long.

Eclipse Facial Primer’s is tested and have been widely proven to help protect your skin from germs and dirt whilst helping to retain its natural moisture. Are you looking to have that skin that radiates beauty with a look void of blemish, then Eclipse silk foundation primer is the best choice for you.

With a simple application of a tiny drop of this best face primer to your skin, it helps fill-in fine lines, skin discoloration and blemishes, making your face ready for you to apply your makeup. What makes this face primer the best choice for many is that is lasts for up to 12 hours without any need for touch ups.

Let your skin feel fresh and smooth like that of a new born with our makeup primer. It goes on so smooth with its application and it also contains natural ingredients that helps to reduce aging effects. What makes the Eclipse silk foundation Primer unique is that despite being a powdery gel, its texture is neither greasy nor silky making it perfect for your face.

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