Benefits of using hyaluronic acid
February 28, 2018
Benefits Of Eclipse Pomegranate And Acai Moisturizing Cream
May 7, 2018

When we think about caring for ourselves, our body is usually the first thing that comes to mind. That is why our Eclipse Pomegranate and Acai Moisturizing Cream is formulated with the blend of highly rich and healthy antioxidants, like Pomegranate, Acai and Shea Butter, and more to deliver a soothing and moisturized skin.

At Global Essentials, our Eclipse Pomegranate and Acai facial moisturizer is ideal for your skin. Irrespective of your skin type whether it is oily or dry, this body moisturizer works great for you. Besides its pomegranate and acai content of this amazing facial cream, it also contains Shea butter which is a very healthy and organic facial moisturizer!

With Eclipse Shea butter lotion helps to provide you with a reliable solution to frustrating dry skin keeping your skin smooth with a long lasting impression. Experience the sweet delight to awake to the goodness of a youthful skin each day, thanks to the healthy and moisturizing benefit of the Eclipse Pomogranate and Acai Moisturizing cream.

Eclipse moisturizing cream is gentle on skin and gives your face the moisture it needs to always radiate the look of a healthy skin. This body moisturizer keeps your skin elastic and well hydrated. Being a natural body moisturizer makes it just perfect for your facial application.

Eclipse Pomegranate and Acai cream serve as a facial Moisturizer that is enriched with nutrients, excellent antioxidants and a host of other natural anti-aging ingredients that work together to give you the best skin and appearance you can wish for. It is the best facial moisturizer helping in the prevention of aging signs and making your skin hydrated at all times especially for those with dry skin.

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