Global Care

We believe that our customer deserve the right to feel and look their absolute best.

-Global Essential Care

We believe that our customers deserve to be full of self-confidence. We are a company that believes it can inspire people to feel the very best they can every day. Our origins are out of Melbourne Australia, but now our major focus is in the Americas. We have opened our online stores in April 2015 to supply the USA market directly. Our business launched in the same period.. Our Eclipse Skin Care range is being produced for the customer who requires a high-quality product, while our pricing with always remain competitive.

The customer service face of our business is headed up by Tracy & David. While we have a network of teams that handle the following areas:

  • Product Development.
  • Quality Control.
  • Production & Dispatch.
  • Marketing.
  • Finance and Management.
You are able to contact us at customer [email protected]